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a permanent? collection of game media, archeaology, and artifacts. here's what's new:

it is with great trepidation that i present INVASION OF THE SPACE INVADERS BY MARTIN AMIS, author of money, london fields, time's arrow, etc. content warning for casual homophobia, racism, not infrequent mentions of child prostitution. read this piece on the book for some context. thanks to kirk israel for scanning and contributing this book to annarchive.

download invasion of the space invaders (cbz)
THE JOY OF CYBERSEX was published in 1993, before the internet existed. instead, the book focuses on early multimedia CD-ROMs and porn games, the promise of virtual reality, and - from a woman's perspective - the adult BBS landscape. thanks to simon carless for donating the book and the support of ANNARCHIVE readers for helping me scan it!

view joy of cybersex files (cbz format)

SIMLIFE: THE GENETIC PLAYGROUND is one of the most ambitious and experimental titles by the late developer maxis. it's an attempt at modelling genetics, evolution and ecology, and comes with an enormous pile of background and reference material. thanks to donations, i was able to scan all of these docs and prepare a playable version of the game.

view simlife files (cbz, png, zip formats)
SIERRA'S TENTH ANNIVERSARY is a promotional catalog celebrating the graphic adventure game publisher's tenth year. read about sierra's decision to print hint guides, licensing games from japan, and roberta williams' desire to see sierra replace television. see also these black cauldron design docs. thanks to ryan c. gordon for donating this catalog!

download sierra's tenth anniversary catalog (cbz)

the MS-DOS SHAREWARE COLLECTION contains over 900 MS-DOS shareware games from 1983 - 1993. use the DOSbox emulator to run these games! thanks to jeremy penner for donating these games to ANNARCHIVE!

view ms-dos shareware archive (1983-1993)
the HOTU GAMEBOOK COLLECTON contains over 130 gamebook scans from sarinee achavanuntakul's game history and archive site, home of the underdogs. this collection is the very first thing ANNARCHIVE hosted.

view the underdogs gamebook collection


ABOUT ⒶNNARCHIVE: though many of the files hosted in these archives were donated or scanned by myself, many more were collected from file-sharing websites, some of which no longer exist. i don't take credit for these files nor do i in many cases know the identities of the original scanners - i'm just trying to make sure these files continue to be available.

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